What is SoundTogether?
An unconference for music lesson teachers and their colleagues. Our first event was held on Oct. 3, 2015.

What is an unconference?
An unconference (or OpenSpace conference) is an informal, audience-organized forum for discussion, learning, and networking. The schedule is decided at the beginning of the day, and anyone can lead or present at a session. Participants are encouraged to exercise the “Law of Two Feet” and move around until they find a session at which they can learn and/or contribute the most.

Who can attend?
Anyone! Most attendees will be music lesson teachers (independent and/or employed by schools/businesses) and K-12 educators from around the Puget Sound region.

How much does it cost?
It’s free! Coffee will be provided in the morning, but lunch is on your own (a chance to further converse with your fellow attendees).

I’m a K-12 teacher. Can I get clock hours?
Yes, Washington State certified teachers can receive five clock hours.

I’ve been to music conferences, but nothing quite like this. Is the idea new?
Unconferences have exploded in popularity during the last decade. However, this unconference (specifically for music lesson teachers) is the first of its kind in the United States, if not the world. Please correct us if we are wrong!

What should I bring?
Nothing is required, but we suggest a laptop and/or smartphone for backchannel communication (a secondary conversation on Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Please bring any documents relevant to the topics you’d like to discuss (studio syllabi/policies, sample solo/ensemble judging sheets, publicity materials, etc.).

What topics will be covered?
That’s up to you, but possible topics could include pedagogy, recruiting, business practices, performing, organizing a teaching studio, grants, connecting with local schools, adjudicating solo/ensemble contests, and many more. Here are some topics covered at our first event:

  • Running a Private Studio
    -Studio policies
    -Lesson rates, billing, bookkeeping
    -Teaching space
    -Studio recitals
  • General Education
    -Connecting public school teachers and private lesson teachers
    -School clinics
    -Creating incentives for students
  • Pedagogy
    -Lesson structure
    -Building repertoire lists
    -What can instrumental and voice teachers learn from each other?
    -Practice and warm-up techniques
    -Working with beginners
    -Relaxation and vocal health